19 February 2007

Actress Jeong Da-bin found dead in suspected suicide

SEOUL, Feb. 10 (Yonhap) -- South Korean actress Jeong Da-bin was found dead early Saturday in what seems to have been a suicide due to depression, according to police and her acquaintances. Police officials said Jeong, 27, was found hanged in a bathroom of her boyfriend's house in Seoul around 7:50 a.m. The boyfriend, identified only by his surname Lee, said he took Jeong back to his house because she got drunk while hanging out with friends at a nearby bar. The police suspect that she committed suicide considering there was no sign of murder, and are trying to determine the exact circumstances of her death.
Observers say Jeong seems to have been suffering from depression, citing comments she posted recently on her personal blog. A message she posted on Friday, titled "Finished," said, "I'm complicated and I feel like I'm going to die...I have lost my identity."Jeong, known for her cheerful and positive image, became a South Korean pop culture star in Taiwan in 2005, and appeared in a number of hit television dramas and movies in her own country over the past few years. If confirmed to have been a suicide, Jeong's death would be the latest case of a South Korean celebrity taking his or her own life. Female singer Yuni committed suicide on Jan. 21, while movie actress Lee Eun-joo killed herself in February 2005.

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Autopsy Confirms Actress' Suicide

The death of actress Jeong Da-bin has been ruled as a suicide, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation said Monday after conducting an autopsy.The initial autopsy results dismissed suspicions held by Jeong's family that she had been murdered."It is a typical death caused by hanging from the neck. Also, there seems no possibility for somebody to disguise the manner of her death," said Seo Joong-suk, a forensic expert who oversaw the autopsy."Although we will announce the final result of a more detailed examination in two weeks, we cannot see any possibility that she was murdered," he added. The institute will check the body's alcohol and drug contents by tissue tests. The family of the deceased including her father and medical experts participated in the autopsy as witnesses. Seo said there were two scars: a new one and an old one. He said the new scar was less than six months old.While Jeong's boyfriend Lee Kang-hee told the police she tried to kill herself last year pointing out scars on her wrist, Jeong's family and agency denied Lee's statement, saying that the scars were there when she was in high school."The autopsy took longer than normal as the pathologists proceeded only after they reached full agreement on the next steps," a source from the institute said, explaining the care taken in conducting the autopsy.The autopsy was requested by Jeong's family and agency as they urged police to change the direction of the investigation from suicide and look at other possible causes. Because of the autopsy, her cremation was delayed one day. She will be cremated Tuesday, her agency said.
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